The intention of this blog is to share my ideas, concerns and experiences in teaching. It is my honest belief that with any pursuit there are some simple rules which can be used as a base camp. Teaching is multi-faceted and extraordinarily complex; it is unquestionably an art form.

My aim is to end with some rules that can be applied to any classroom. There is obviously a danger that these may become too generic and cease to be useful. However I believe that this foundation will provide my classroom, and others, with an approach that provides consistent results.

I am aware that Waterstones is filled with books with similar aims, and are often derided as reductive, however I hope the input of others will improve and inform future practice. I will at times use these books as a basis for my discussion and cherry pick the most useful elements and adapt them to my purposes. In a sense I am hoping to be contradicted, so as to question my beliefs about the art of teaching. A Socratic sort of approach.

I would like to stay anonymous and as such may obscure certain elements of my career. I don’t feel my role in school is relevant, I work in the classroom and have performed roles outside of it; I am not looking for kudos and hope to earn any respect via my writing and not preconceived ideas about my status.