Outlined here are some basics which I feel create a good lesson, all being well. They are borrowed from colleagues at the various schools I’ve worked at and many ideas are not my own. I do attempt to use these most of these principles where possible and am attempting to integrate the more recent.

I find it frustrating when people talk about the ethereal elements of top quality teaching. A statement like “it could’ve been ‘Outstanding’ with a good head wind!” are infuriating. If we were to give feedback like this to students, I feel certain some sort of emergency line management meeting would be called. However we readily accept these comments about our own teaching as though we have fully understood the problem.

These principles attempt to demystify teaching for myself and those who find such ‘woolly’ talk equally frustrating. I’m hoping that my review of reading material with similar intentions will continue to improve my practice.

  1. Clarify the point in journey/Goal for individual lesson.
  2. Expect the best of/from all
  3. Every student involved.
  4. Differentiate for flow.
  5. Positive authoritative behavior management.
  6. Time specific tasks. Group specific.
  7. Repeat information- appealing to different learning styles.
  8. Model(ling) – the skill or learning. 
  9. Use formative assessment with a next step. 
  10. Recap/Review/Connect- Learning
  11. Planned talk/questions. Limit talk.
  12. Relevant message.Use audience specific metaphors/examples.
  13. No request made without a checking strategy.