Increasingly my time is taken up by thinking about my practice. Almost every interaction makes me think of my exposition or use of metaphors or questioning or…. you get the picture!. My family think of me as being quite obsessive and I don’t help myself when even eating an olive can turn into a reference to a question I have about teaching. This problem set me thinking, should I have an enclosed setting for this type of thinking; one where I could leave it behind and leave my free time to be, well, more free.

I have been toying with the idea of doing a masters in education since I finished my teacher training. I am constantly looking for ways to improve and feel this would be a great way to move forward. Virtually everyone I have spoken to who has completed a masters in education, espouses the virtues of pedagogical study at this level. The ones who don’t seem to have wanted to improve their career through their course.

My concern is that I don’t have much time as it is, surely any time spent on a masters would be time away from my family. Yet, I am constantly drawn to this idea. During my PGCE my incredibly inspirational subject mentor often talked about research as a time saving instrument. Learn from others experience and skip a few years, bypass a million tiny mistakes and understand yourself as a teacher sooner. It makes sense, but the practicality would be an hour long commute, once a fortnight for a three hour seminar or such. That is not even considering  the financial implications.

I wonder if anyone is ever improved by a masters in education? Could those improvements be achieved with a focus on research in spare time? Is there anything more to it than just career climbing? I’m certainly not interested in the latter, we have a hard enough job without trying to ‘gain’ more responsibilities, but the chance to improve as a teacher is too tempting to be ignored.