A year of great struggle for me personally, arguably the most challenging year of my career, yet easily my most enjoyable. I secured a job at a school I feel very passionate about, after having experienced a huge variety of different schools. I even had a short-term role leading development in KS4 in an EBD school, a role which I loved and would probably like to do in the distant future when I feel more secure about my abilities as a classroom teacher.

2015 was also my first real year as a blogger. Greatly inspired by David Didau , Joe Kirby and  Andy Tharby’s blogs I threw myself into weekly blogs during term time. I kept the blog anonymous, something which I will change in 2016, but kept it up more consistently. I am still developing as a blogger and intend to become more focused on my subject, that said I’m quite pleased with what I blogged last year.

So here are my most read five blogs from 2915.

1.Who’s afraid of the cool geography teacher- http://Tinyurl.com/oo22mkj

2. What I learnt from marking exam scripts – http://ow.ly/SoqTq

3.  https://bettersongtosing.wordpress.com/2015/03/25/what-i-learnt-from-teaching-my-nephew-to-swim/

4. A class reader? – http://bit.ly/1z4atPW

5. They’re good, but they’re capable of much more http://wp.me/p54U3w-k
I don’t know if these are particularly interesting, just the ones most read.