I decided I wasn’t coming here again. I went to the pub. They were all singing, all of ‘em. Denny, looking happy. He’d just got a few days holiday from work. And me mother, not really on top form, something was worrying her. Probably me dad.
They were never really loves young dream. Our Sandra, in love. Her fiancé, about the same….And her mates, all of ‘em, singing…oh, some song they’d learned from the jukebox. And I thought, “Just what the frig am I trying to  “Why don’t I just pack it in, stay here and join in with the singin’?”

– And why didn’t you?

– You think I can, don’t you? You think because you pass a pub doorway and hear them all singing, you think we’re all OK, that were surviving with the spirit intact. Together. I did join in the singing but when I turned around, me mother had stopped singin’, and she was cryin’. I said, “Why are you crying, Mother?” And she said, “There must be better songs to sing than this. And I thought, “Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to do, isn’t it?” Sing a better song. That’s why I’ve come back and that’s why I’m staying. So let’s start work.



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