Approaching The Whiteboard

Approaching The Whiteboard is a YouTube based podcast. It has started with an English focus, but perhaps this might change over time. You can visit the channel here or simply watch the videos below.

Phil Beadle- Trad v Prog and much more.

Jenn Ludgate- Curriculum

Grainne Hallahan – Character Development

Jo Payne- How to help students to read.

Chris Rogers- Metacognition.

Lyndsey Caldwell- Teaching Vocabulary.

Fran Haynes- The Power of Multiple Choice Questions.

Nick Wells- Planning and Creative Writing.

Andy Tharby- ‘Knowledge First’

Andy needs no introduction. So google cut it that bit off! But just in case….  An illuminating chat with English teacher, co-author of ‘Making Every Lesson Count’, the author of ‘Making Every English Lesson Count’ and all round nice guy Andy Tharby.

Caroline Spalding- ‘Career.’

The excellent Caroline Spalding talks career progression from the perspective of an English Teacher.

Warning: This video also features a cat!